Agroline Bucovina preparate


AGROLINEVOL SRL was founded in 2014 in the Bucovina areas, based on one of the main activities in the existence of humanity: animal husbandry, developing mainly the trade with live animals: cattle and sheep. In the short term, the company has surpassed the country’s borders, uniting Bucovina with the rest of the world and offering its customers the opportunity to benefit from the cows and sheep breeds existing on these lands.

The activity of the company was not limited to commerce, but it continued to expand to the next level: processing of meat from cattle, sheep, and pigs in its own slaughterhouse. AGROLINEVOL SRL has authorized the veterinary sanitary authorization for intra-Community trade with food products of animal origin for the following purposes: slaughterhouse, transshipment unit, meat processing unit and animal fats.

AGROLINE BUCOVINA has developed its own recipes by placing Romanian meat dishes prepared with authentic taste. The development of these recipes is continuous, focusing on returning to origin and offering domestic and foreign clients the taste of home, the taste of Romania.